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They Never Come Back

A Story of Undocumented Workers from Mexico
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Frans J. Schryer
ILR Press
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For Mexicans on both sides of the border, the migrant experience has changed significantly over the past two decades. In They Never Come Back, Frans J. Schryer draws on the experiences of indigenous people from a region in the Mexican state of Guerrero to explore the impact of this transformation on the lives of migrants. When handicraft production was able to provide a viable alternative to agricultural labor, most migrants would travel to other parts of Mexico to sell their wares. Others opted to work for wages in the United States, returning to Mexico on a regular basis.
Introduction1. What Happened to the Mexican Miracle?2. "Struggling to Get Ahead"3. "No One Lives There"4. "I Feel Sorry for Them"5. "It Used to Be Easy to Cross the Border"6. "In the United States All You Do Is Work"7. "For Me It Is about the Same"8. "Mexicans Are Good Workers"9. "We Can Never Hang Out with Our Friends"10. "They Only Send You Back if You Are Bad"11. "We Must Carry On Our Ancestors' Traditions"12. "I Don't Have Much in Common with My Cousin"13. The System Is BrokenSuggested Readings and ReferencesAcknowledgments

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