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Shakespeare’s Medieval Craft

Remnants of the Mysteries on the London Stage
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Kurt A. Schreyer
Cornell University Press
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In Shakespeare's Medieval Craft, Kurt A. Schreyer explores the relationship between Shakespeare's plays and a tradition of late medieval English biblical drama known as mystery plays. Scholars of English theater have long debated Shakespeare's connection to the mystery play tradition, but Schreyer provides new perspective on the subject by focusing on the Chester Banns, a sixteenth-century proclamation announcing the annual performance of that city's cycle of mystery plays. Through close study of the Banns, Schreyer demonstrates the central importance of medieval stage objects-as vital and direct agents and not merely as precursors-to the Shakespearean stage.
Introduction1. Toward a Renaissance Culture of Medieval Artifacts2. The Chester Banns: A Sixteenth-Century Perspective on the Mysteries3. Balaam to Bottom: A Sixteenth-Century Translation4. "Then Is Doomsday Near": Hamlet, the Last Judgment, and the Place of Purgatory5. "Here's a Knocking Indeed!": Macbeth and the Harrowing of HellEpilogue: Riding the Banns beyond ShakespeareNotesBibliographyIndex

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