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With Sails Whitening Every Sea

Mariners and the Making of an American Maritime Empire
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Brian Rouleau
Cornell University Press The United States in the World
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Many Americans in the Early Republic era saw the seas as another field for national aggrandizement. With a merchant marine that competed against Britain for commercial supremacy and a whaling fleet that circled the globe, the United States sought a maritime empire to complement its territorial ambitions in North America. In With Sails Whitening Every Sea, Brian Rouleau argues that because of their ubiquity in foreign ports, American sailors were the principal agents of overseas foreign relations in the early republic. Their everyday encounters and more problematic interactions-barroom brawling, sexual escapades in port-city bordellos, and the performance of blackface minstrel shows-shaped how the United States was perceived overseas.
Introduction: "Born to Rule the Seas"1. Schoolhouses Afloat2. Jim Crow Girdles the Globe3. Maritime Destiny as Manifest Destiny4. A Maritime Empire of Moral Depravity5. An Intimate History of Early America's Maritime Empire6. Making Do at the Margins of Maritime EmpireEpilogue: Out of the Sailor's Den, into the Tourist TrapNotesIndex

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