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The Edge of Extinction

Travels with Enduring People in Vanishing Lands
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Jules Pretty
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In The Edge of Extinction, Jules Pretty explores life and change in a dozen environments and cultures across the world, taking us on a series of remarkable journeys through deserts, coasts, mountains, steppes, snowscapes, marshes, and farms to show that there are many different ways to live in cooperation with nature. From these accounts of people living close to the land and close to the edge emerge a larger story about sustainability and the future of the planet. Pretty addresses not only current threats to natural and cultural diversity but also the unsustainability of modern lifestyles typical of industrialized countries. In a very real sense, Pretty discovers, what we manage to preserve now may well save us later.
1. Seacoast: Ngai Tahu, Aotearoa (New Zealand)2. Mountain: Huangshan, China3. Desert Coast: Murujuga (Burrup), Australia4. Steppe: Tuva, Russia5. Snow: Karelia, Finland6. Swamp: Okavango, Botswana7. Marsh-Farm: East Anglia, England8. Coast: Antrim Glens, Northern Ireland9. Snow: Nitassinan, Labrador, Canada10. Farm-City: Amish Country, Ohio, United States11. Swamp: Atchafalaya Basin, Louisiana, United States12. Desert: Timbisha (Death Valley), California, United StatesCoda: Dreaming of the Day AfterNotesBibliographyAcknowledgments

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