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Two Crises, Different Outcomes

East Asia and Global Finance
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T. J. Pempel
Cornell Studies in Political Economy Cornell University Press
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Two Crises, Different Outcomes examines East Asian policy reactions to the two major crises of the last fifteen years: the global financial crisis of 2008-9 and the Asian financial crisis of 1997-98. The calamity of the late 1990s saw a massive meltdown concentrated in East Asia. In stark contrast, East Asia avoided the worst effects of the Lehman Brothers collapse, incurring relatively little damage when compared to the financial devastation unleashed on North America and Europe. Much had changed across the intervening decade, not least that China rather than Japan had become the locomotive of regional growth, and that the East Asian economies had taken numerous steps to buffer their financial structures and regulatory regimes. This time Asia avoided disaster; it bounced back quickly after the initial hit and has been growing in a resilient fashion ever since.
Introduction: Crises, Corrections, and Challengesby T. J. Pempel and Keiichi TsunekawaChapter 1. Two Crises, Two Outcomesby T. J. PempelPART 1. Dealing with Crises: Continuities and ChangesChapter 2. A Tale of the Two Crises: Indonesia's Political Economyby Muhammad Chatib BasriChapter 3. Unraveling the Enigma of East Asian Economic Resiliency: The Case of Taiwanby Yun-han ChuChapter 4. Reacting to Financial Crises: Institutional Path Dependence in Korea and Thailandby Yasunobu OkabeChapter 5. China and th Two Crises: From 1997 to 2009by Barry NaughtonPART 2. Toward a Second East Asia Miracle?Chapter 6. Political Business and External Vulnerability in Southeast Asiaby Thomas B. PepinskyChapter 7. Success as Trap? Crises and Challenges in Export-Oriented Southeast Asiaby Richard DonerChapter 8. Japan: The Political Economy of Long Stagnationby Keiichi TsunekawaConclusion: Toward a Second East Asia Miracle?by T. J. Pempel and Keiichi TsunekawaWorks CitedIndex

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