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Dangerous Guests

Enemy Captives and Revolutionary Communities during the War for Independence
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Ken Miller
Cornell University Press
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In Dangerous Guests, Ken Miller reveals how wartime pressures nurtured a budding patriotism in the ethnically diverse revolutionary community of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. During the War for Independence, American revolutionaries held more than thirteen thousand prisoners-both British regulars and their so-called Hessian auxiliaries-in makeshift detention camps far from the fighting. As the Americans' principal site for incarcerating enemy prisoners of war, Lancaster stood at the nexus of two vastly different revolutionary worlds: one national, the other intensely local. Captives came under the control of local officials loosely supervised by state and national authorities. Concentrating the prisoners in the heart of their communities brought the revolutionaries' enemies to their doorstep, with residents now facing a daily war at home.
Prologue: A Community at War1. "A Colony of Aliens": Diversity, Politics, and War in Prerevolutionary Lancaster2. "Divided We Must Inevitably Fall": War Comes to Lancaster3. "A Dangerous Set of People": British Captives and the Sundering of Empire4. " 'Tis Britain Alone That Is Our Enemy": German Captives and the Promise of America5. "Enemies of Our Peace": Captives, the Disaffected, and the Refinement of American Patriotism6. "The Country Is Full of Prisoners of War": Nationalism, Resistance, and AssimilationEpilogue: The Empty BarracksNotesIndex

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