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Corruption as a Last Resort

Adapting to the Market in Central Asia
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Kelly M. McMann
Cornell University Press
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Why do ordinary people engage in corruption? In Corruption as a Last Resort, Kelly M. McMann contends that bureaucrats, poverty, and culture do not force individuals in Central Asia to pay bribes, use connections, or sell political support. Rather, corruption is a last resort when relatives, groups in society, the market, and formal government programs cannot provide essential goods and services. Using evidence from her long-term research in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, McMann shows that Islamic institutions, secular charities, entrepreneurs, and banks cannot provide the jobs and credit people need. This drives individuals to illicitly seek employment and loans from government officials.
1. An Absence of Alternatives: A New Framework for Understanding Corruption2. Alternatives to Corruption and the Effect of Market Reform: The Arguments and Their Theoretical Implications3. Bribery, Favoritism, and Clientelism: Evidence from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan4. Market Actors as an Unrealized Alternative: The Effect of Market Reforms5. Islamic Institutions and Secular Charities: Obstacles to Providing Substitute Resources6. Families: The Uneven Effect of Market Reforms7. Reducing Corruption: Policy RecommendationsAppendix: Statistical AnalysisIndex

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