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Brotherly Love

Freemasonry and Male Friendship in Enlightenment France
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Kenneth B. Loiselle
Cornell University Press
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Friendship, an acquired relationship primarily based on choice rather than birth, lay at the heart of Enlightenment preoccupations with sociability and the formation of the private sphere. In Brotherly Love, Kenneth Loiselle argues that Freemasonry is an ideal arena in which to explore the changing nature of male friendship in Enlightenment France. Freemasonry was the largest and most diverse voluntary organization in the decades before the French Revolution. At least fifty thousand Frenchmen joined lodges, the memberships of which ranged across the social spectrum from skilled artisans to the highest ranks of the nobility. Loiselle argues that men were attracted to Freemasonry because it enabled them to cultivate enduring friendships that were egalitarian and grounded in emotion.
Introduction1. The Masonic Utopia of Friendship2. Friendship in Ritual3. Confronting the Specter of Sodomy4. "New but True Friends": The Friendship Network of Philippe-Valentin Bertin du Rocheret5. Friendship in the Age of Sensibility6. Friendship under Fire: Freemasonry in the French RevolutionConclusionIndex

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