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What Galileo Saw

Imagining the Scientific Revolution
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Lawrence Lipking
Cornell University Press
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The Scientific Revolution of the seventeenth century has often been called a decisive turning point in human history. It represents, for good or ill, the birth of modern science and modern ways of viewing the world. In What Galileo Saw, Lawrence Lipking offers a new perspective on how to understand what happened then, arguing that artistic imagination and creativity as much as rational thought played a critical role in creating new visions of science and in shaping stories about eye-opening discoveries in cosmology, natural history, engineering, and the life sciences.
1. Introducing a Revolution2. What Galileo Saw: Two Fables of Sound and Seeing3. Kepler's Progress: Imagining the Future4. The Poetry of the World: A Natural History of Poetics5. "Look There, Look There!" Imagining Life in King Lear6. The Dream of Descartes: The Book of Nature and the Infinite I AM7. A History of Error: Robert Fludd, Thomas Browne, and the Harrow of Truth8. The Century of Genius (1): Measuring Up9. The Century of Genius (2): Hooke, Newton, and the System of the World10. Revolution and Its Discontents: The Skeptical ChallengeAppendix 1. Galileo: The Fable of SoundAppendix 2. Descartes's Three DreamsNotesBibliographyIndex

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