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Northern Men with Southern Loyalties

The Democratic Party and the Sectional Crisis
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Michael Todd Landis
Cornell University Press
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Introduction: Democrats and the Slave Power1. "Fidelity and Firmness": Northern Democrats and the Crises of 18502. "Harmony, Unity, and Victory": State Politics and Presidential Posturing3. "One of the Most Reliable Politicians upon This Subject of Slavery": The Rewards of Fidelity and the Perils of Power4. "Pandora's Box": Northern Democrats in Command5. "Leave Us of the North to Fight the Great Battle": Party Punishments and Purges6. "The Strongest Northern Man on Southern Principles": James Buchanan and Southern Power7. "Let Us Stand by Our Colors": Lecompton and Minority Rule8. "We Regarded You as Brothers": Defeat and Division9. "Though the Heavens Fall": 1860 and BeyondNotesBibliographyIndex
In the decade before the Civil War, Northern Democrats, although they ostensibly represented antislavery and free-state constituencies, made possible the passage of such proslavery legislation as the Compromise of 1850 and Fugitive Slave Law of the same year, the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, and the Lecompton Constitution of 1858. In Northern Men with Southern Loyalties, Michael Todd Landis forcefully contends that a full understanding of the Civil War and its causes is impossible without a careful examination of Northern Democrats and their proslavery sentiments and activities. He focuses on a variety of key Democratic politicians, such as Stephen Douglas, William Marcy, and Jesse Bright, to unravel the puzzle of Northern Democratic political allegiance to the South. As congressmen, state party bosses, convention wire-pullers, cabinet officials, and presidents, these men produced the legislation and policies that led to the fragmentation of the party and catastrophic disunion.

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