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Songs of the Factory

Pop Music, Culture, and Resistance
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Marek Korczynski
ILR Press
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In Songs of the Factory, Marek Korczynski examines the role that popular music plays in workers' culture on the factory floor. Reporting on his ethnographic fieldwork in a British factory that manufactures window blinds, Korczynski shows how workers make often-grueling assembly-line work tolerable by permeating their workday with pop music on the radio. The first ethnographic study of musical culture in an industrial workplace, Songs of the Factory draws on socio-musicology, cultural studies, and sociology of work, combining theoretical development, methodological innovation, and a vitality that brings the musical culture of the factory workers to life.
1. Reach Out I'll Be There: Pop Music, Work, and Society2. Stayin' Alive at McTells3. I Got All My Sisters with Me: Music and Community4. Music, Machines, and Clocks: Songs and the Senses of Alienation5. You Can Tell by the Way I Use My Walk: Music as Aid to Work and Critique of Taylorism6. Pop Songs and the Hidden Injuries (and Joys) of Class7. Collective Resistance on the Shop Floor8. Dotted Lines on the Shop Floor: Cultural Connections with Collective Resistance9. Conclusion: Pop Music, Culture, and ResistanceAppendix: An Ethnography of Working and of MusickingReferencesIndex

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