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Labor Guide to Labor Law

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Bruce S. Feldacker
ILR Press
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Labor Guide to Labor Law is a comprehensive survey of labor law in the private sector, written from the labor perspective for labor relations students and for unions and their members. The text emphasizes issues of greatest importance to unions and employees. Where the law permits a union to make certain tactical choices, those choices are pointed out. Material is included on internal union matters that tend to be ignored in management texts. Bruce S. Feldacker and Michael J. Hayes cover applicable labor law principles from a union's initial organizing campaign to the mature bargaining relationship, including such subjects as the employee right to engage in protected concerted activity, the duty to bargain, labor arbitration, the use of strikes, picketing and other economic weapons in resolving a labor dispute, the duty of fair representation, internal union regulation, and employment discrimination. This book is also a useful reference and review for full-time union officers and representatives who have a working knowledge of labor law but wish to brush up on certain points as needed in their work. Both authors have extensive experience in the construction field, and they have been careful to include material on those aspects of labor law that are unique to that field.
PrefaceAbout the Fifth EditionHow to Find a Case: A Guide to Basic Case Resources and Understanding Case and Statutory Citation FormatsChapter 1. Federal Regulation of Labor-Management Relations: A Statutory and Structural OverviewChapter 2. The Collective Bargaining Unit and Representation ElectionsChapter 3. Union Organizing Rights and Election CampaignsChapter 4. Protection of Employees' Rights to Concerted Activity and to Support UnionsChapter 5. The Duty to BargainChapter 6. Strikes, Striker Rights, and LockoutsChapter 7. Picketing, Boycotts, and Related ActivityChapter 8. Union Regulation of Work and the Antitrust Laws: Hot Cargo Agreements, Jurisdictional Disputes,and FeatherbeddingChapter 9. Enforcement of Collective Bargaining Agreements and the Duty to ArbitrateChapter 10. Union Membership and Union SecurityChapter 11. Rights and Responsibilities of Union MembersChapter 12. The Duty of Fair RepresentationChapter 13. Unlawful Employer Relationships with UnionsChapter 14. Equal Employment OpportunityChapter 15. Federal-State Relationships in Labor RelationsAnswers to Review QuestionsAbout the AuthorsIndex

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