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The American Way of Bombing

Changing Ethical and Legal Norms, from Flying Fortresses to Drones
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Matthew Evangelista
Cornell University Press
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Aerial bombardment remains important to military strategy, but the norms governing bombing and the harm it imposes on civilians have evolved. The past century has seen everything from deliberate attacks against rebellious villagers by Italian and British colonial forces in the Middle East to scrupulous efforts to avoid "collateral damage" in the counterinsurgency and antiterrorist wars of today. The American Way of Bombing brings together prominent military historians, practitioners, civilian and military legal experts, political scientists, philosophers, and anthropologists to explore the evolution of ethical and legal norms governing air warfare.
Introduction: The American Way of Bombingby Matthew EvangelistaPart I. Historical and Theoretical Perspectives1. Strategic Bombardment: Expectation, Theory, and Practice in the Early Twentieth Centuryby Tami Davis Biddle2. Bombing Civilians after World War II: The Persistence of Norms against Targeting Civilians in the Korean Warby Sahr Conway-Lanz3. Targeting Civilians and U.S. Strategic Bombing Norms: Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose?by Neta C. Crawford4. The Law Applies, But Which Law?: A Consumer Guide to the Laws of Warby Charles GarrawayPart II. Interpreting, Criticizing, and Creating Legal Restrictions5. Clever or Clueless?: Observations about Bombing Norm Debatesby Charles J. Dunlap Jr.6. The American Way of Bombing and International Law: Two Logics of Warfare in Tensionby Janina Dill7. Force Protection, Military Advantage, and "Constant Care" for Civilians: The 1991 Bombing of Iraqby Henry Shue8. Civilian Deaths and American Power: Three Lessons from Iraq and Afghanistanby Richard W. MillerPart III. Constructing New Norms9. Proportionality and Restraint on the Use of Force: The Role of Nongovernmental Organizationsby Margarita H. Petrova10. Toward an Anthropology of Drones: Remaking Space, Time, and Valor in Combatby Hugh Gusterson11. What's Wrong with Drones?: The Battlefield in International Humanitarian Lawby Klem Ryan12. Banning Autonomous Killing: The Legal and Ethical Requirement That Humans Make Near-Time Lethal Decisionsby Mary Ellen O'ConnellNotesList of ContributorsIndex

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