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Beyond Borders

Stories of Yunnanese Chinese Migrants of Burma
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Wen-Chin Chang
Cornell University Press
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The Yunnanese from southwestern China have for millennia traded throughout upland Southeast Asia. Burma in particular has served as a "back door" to Yunnan, providing a sanctuary for political refugees and economic opportunities for trade explorers. Since the Chinese Communist takeover in 1949 and subsequent political upheavals in China, an unprecedented number of Yunnanese refugees have fled to Burma. Through a personal narrative approach, Beyond Borders is the first ethnography to focus on the migration history and transnational trading experiences of contemporary Yunnanese Chinese migrants (composed of both Yunnanese Han and Muslims) who reside in Burma and those who have moved from Burma and resettled in Thailand, Taiwan, and China.
IntroductionPart I. Migration History1. The Days in Burma: Zhang Dage2. Entangled Love: Ae Maew3. Pursuit of Ambition: Father and Son4. Islamic Transnationalism: Yunnanese MuslimsPart II. (Transnational) Trade5. Venturing into "Barbarous" Regions: Yunnanese Caravan Traders6. Transcending Gendered Geographies: Yunnanese Women Traders7. Circulations of the Jade Trade: The Duans and the PengsEpilogue: From Mules to VehiclesGlossaryReferencesIndex

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