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By Sword and Plow

France and the Conquest of Algeria
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Jennifer E. Sessions
Cornell University Press
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In 1830, with France's colonial empire in ruins, Charles X ordered his army to invade Ottoman Algiers. Victory did not salvage his regime from revolution, but it began the French conquest of Algeria, which was continued and consolidated by the succeeding July Monarchy. In By Sword and Plow, Jennifer E. Sessions explains why France chose first to conquer Algeria and then to transform it into its only large-scale settler colony. Deftly reconstructing the political culture of mid-nineteenth-century France, she also sheds light on policies whose long-term consequences remain a source of social, cultural, and political tensions in France and its former colony.
Introduction: The Cultural Origins of French AlgeriaPart I: By the Sword1. A Tale of Two Despots: The Invasion of Algeria and the Revolution of 18302. Empire of Merit: The July Monarchy and the Algerian War3. The Blood of Brothers: Bonapartism and the Popular Culture of ConquestPart II. By the Plow4. The Empire of Virtue: Colonialism in the Age of Abolition5. Selling Algeria: Speculation and the Colonial Landscape6. Settling Algeria: Labor, Emigration, and CitizenshipConclusion: Politics and Empire in Nineteenth-Century FranceSelected Bibliography of Primary SourcesIndex

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