Autor: Michael J Morris
ISBN-13: 9780749480868
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Starting a Successful Business

Business Success
Your Guide to Setting Up Your Dream Start-up, Controlling its Finances and Managing its Operations
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Includes international case studies to ensure that this is a resource grounded in real-life business with a diverse range of inspirational examples
Chapter - 00: Preface; Chapter - 01: First Thoughts and Foundations; Chapter - 02: Getting Orders, Making Profits; Chapter - 03: Controlling the Money; Chapter - 04: Raising the Money; Chapter - 05: Your Business Name and Legal Status; Chapter - 06: Business and the Law; Chapter - 07: Premises; Chapter - 08: Managing Operations; Chapter - 09: Financial Housekeeping, VAT and Tax; Chapter - 10: Employing People; Chapter - 11: Risk Management and Insurance; Chapter - 12: Sources Of Help; Chapter - 13: After a Successful Launch... Developing Your Firm; Chapter - 14: The PLG Programme For Growth
The first 18 months of your business is crucial. This is when the majority of new businesses fail and where a lack of proper preparation and forward planning can be your downfall. This eighth edition of Starting a Successful Business is your definitive guide to setting up a business that will thrive.
Starting a Successful Business contains the crucial, practical information needed to turn your exciting new idea into a stable and profitable business. It covers each important step in the start-up process in a clear and accessible way. The major problems facing any new business are discussed, potential pitfalls are highlighted and practical advice is offered on key topics such as: ideas for new start-ups, business planning, marketing, franchising, selling and advertising, finances and financial control, taxation, business law and employing staff.

Case studies from around the world provide inspiration and real-world guidance to support you as an entrepreneur. Brand new content on cloud computing, digital developments and making your business environmentally sustainable makes this Starting a Successful Business a cutting-edge and modern resource to show you how to make your business a success.
Autor: Michael J Morris
Michael J Morris

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Autor: Michael J Morris
ISBN-13:: 9780749480868
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