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Neuroscience for Coaches

How to Use the Latest Insights for the Benefit of Your Clients
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New to this edition: interviews with Marshall Goldsmith, Susan Grandfield, Christian van Nieuwerburgh and Kim Morgan, along with new material on oxytocin, goals and mindfulness
Section - ONE: Brain Areas; Chapter - 01: Prefrontal Cortex; Chapter - 02: Basal Ganglia; Chapter - 03: Striatum and Nucleus Accumbens; Chapter - 04: Insular Cortex; Chapter - 05: Amygdala; Chapter - 06: Anterior Cingulate Cortex; Chapter - 07: Hypothalamus; Chapter - 08: Hippocampus; Section - TWO: Brain Chemicals; Chapter - 09: Cortisol; Chapter - 10: Dopamine; Chapter - 11: Oxytocin; Chapter - 12: Adrenaline; Chapter - 13: Serotonin; Chapter - 14: GABA and Glutamate; Section - THREE: Foundational Brain Concepts; Chapter - 15: Neurons and Synapses; Chapter - 16: Neuroplasticity; Chapter - 17: Threat Response; Chapter - 18: Neuroimaging; Chapter - 19: Working Memory; Chapter - 20: HPA Axis; Chapter - 21: Mirror Neurons; Section - FOUR: Brain Networks; Chapter - 22: Brain Networks; Section - FIVE: The Quantum Brain; Chapter - 23: The Quantum Brain; Section - SIX: Neuroscience of Classic Coaching Areas; Chapter - 24: Self-Control/Willpower; Chapter - 25: Habits; Chapter - 26: Optimism; Chapter - 27: Goals; Chapter - 28: Mindfulness; Chapter - 29: Flow; Chapter - 30: Motivation; Chapter - 31: Decision Making; Chapter - 32: Expectations; Chapter - 33: Beliefs; Section - SEVEN: Neuroscience of Not-So-Classic Coaching Areas; Chapter - 34: Choice Architecture; Chapter - 35: False Memory; Chapter - 36: Trust; Chapter - 37: Fairness; Chapter - 38: Loneliness
Many coaching tools and techniques are now fairly well established, but how do they actually work? Neuroscience for Coaches equips coaches with information that will help them answer this question and therefore deliver greater value to clients. Based on over twelve years of research, this book provides a clear explanation of the aspects of neuroscience that are relevant to coaching so you can describe to clients from a neuroscientific perspective why particular techniques and methods work and the benefits to them.
This fully updated 2nd edition of Neuroscience for Coaches includes new interviews with Marshall Goldsmith, Susan Grandfield, Christian van Nieuwerburgh and Kim Morgan, along with new material on oxytocin, goals and mindfulness. It covers the latest neuroscientific research and, crucially, the ways in which coaches can use this information effectively and practically in their everyday work. Neuroscience for Coaches is a vital resource for keeping up to date with recent scientific developments, tools and techniques in coaching.
Autor: Amy Brann
Amy Brann

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Autor: Amy Brann
ISBN-13:: 9780749480707
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