Autor: James Topps
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Managing the Retail Supply Chain

Merchandising Strategies that Increase Sales and Improve Profitability
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Bridges the gap between research-based texts and those aimed solely at managers
Chapter - 01: Basic Principles of Retail Supply Chain; Chapter - 02: Linking Basic Supply Chain Theory to Retail; Chapter - 03: KPIS; Chapter - 04: Integration With Other Functions; Chapter - 05: Different Supply Chain Structures (Merchandise Planning/Demand Planning etc); Chapter - 06: Job Roles; Chapter - 07: Omni Channel Retailing; Chapter - 08: "Single View of Stock"; Chapter - 09: Vertical Integration Vs 3PL; Chapter - 10: Inventory Management; Chapter - 11: Modern Retail Supply Chain Professional Skill Set and Expectations; Chapter - 12: The Retail Value Chain; Chapter - 13: 1 Store Vs 1000 Store Operations; Chapter - 14: Lean Vs Fat Supply Chains; Chapter - 15: On Shelf Availability (OSA); Chapter - 16: E-commerce and Web Integration; Chapter - 17: Basic Calculations and Mathematics Related to Retail Supply Chain; Chapter - 18: Different Approaches to Different Industries
Buying, merchandising and the supply chain are inextricably linked. Product merchandisers play a key role within retail, as profits can be affected by how successfully they undertake their work. Merchandisers set prices to maximise profits and manage the performance of ranges, planning promotions and mark-downs as necessary. They also oversee delivery and distribution of stock and deal with suppliers. Their connection with and understanding of the supply chain is vital. Supported by theories, explanations and real-life examples, Managing the Retail Supply Chain looks at concepts and core themes that run across all sectors.Many businesses use a one-size-fits-all solution for any issues which arise, leading to big problems. Managing the Retail Supply Chain presents numerous examples of different business models adopted by a variety of companies. Covering basic principles of retail supply chain, KPIs, merchandise planning and demand planning as well as omnichannel, vertical integration, on-shelf availability and e-commerce, Managing the Retail Supply Chain is an essential guide for anyone involved in or studying retail supply chains and merchandising.
Autor: James Topps, Glenn Taylor
James Topps, Glenn Taylor

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Autor: James Topps
ISBN-13:: 9780749480622
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