Autor: John Manners-Bell
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Supply Chain Risk Management

Understanding Emerging Threats to Global Supply Chains
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Provides insights into different supply chain risk strategies used by multinational corporations
Chapter - 00: Introduction; Chapter - 01: A Framework for Understanding Risk; Chapter - 02: Engineering Supply Chain Resilience; Chapter - 03: Industry Sector Resilience to Supply Chain Threats; Chapter - 04: Natural Disasters and Pandemics; Chapter - 05: Climate Change and Emissions Policy; Chapter - 06: Economic Risks to the Supply Chain; Chapter - 07: Societal Risks to Supply Chains; Chapter - 08: Corruption in the Logistics Industry; Chapter - 09: Cargo Crime and Piracy; Chapter - 10: Political Risks in Supply Chains; Chapter - 11: Illicit Supply Chains; Chapter - 12: Terrorism and Security; Chapter - 00: Conclusion;
With increased outsourcing, globalisation, and just-in-time production, the ability to effectively identify, assess and manage risks in the supply chain is more important than ever. Supply Chain Risk Management is a practical learning resource which explores a wide range of external threats to the supply chain such as natural disasters, economic risk, terrorism and piracy. An ideal companion to academic and professional training courses, it presents a robust set of strategies which can minimise and mitigate supply chain risk.
Supply Chain Risk Management includes numerous best practice case studies, with each case documenting the company's supply chain or production strategy and outlining the catastrophic event which occurred. This comprehensive second instalment of Supply Chain Risk, which won the 2014 ACA-Bruel Special Mention prize, analyses the supply chain consequences, material losses, management response, and resultant changes to a company's supply chain strategy. With a new chapter on cyber threats to supply chains, Supply Chain Risk Management also includes academic pedagogy such as objectives, summaries and a key point checklist in each chapter.
Autor: John Manners-Bell
John Manners Bell

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Autor: John Manners-Bell
ISBN-13:: 9780749480158
ISBN: 0749480157
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