Autor: Olaf Swantee
ISBN-13: 9780749479398
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The 4G Mobile Revolution

Creation, Innovation and Transformation at EE
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Be inspired to lead revolutionary change through the inside story of one of the most successful business transformations in recent history.
Chapter - 01: Inspiration, inventors and innovation Chapter - 02: Sleeping with the enemy Chapter - 03: A new team to deliver Chapter - 04: An audacious plan Chapter - 05: A step change in performance Chapter - 06: Building a new brand for Britain Chapter - 07: Announcing EE Chapter - 08: The challenge of momentum Chapter - 09: Supercharging sales Chapter - 10: The £12.5 billion business Chapter - 11: The culmination of the joint venture
The 4G Mobile Revolution charts the extraordinary journey of innovation and change at EE, told by its former CEO, Olaf Swantee. This is the story of the highly successful transformation when Orange and T-Mobile merged to form a whole new organization, a whole new brand and a whole new mobile era with the introduction of the 4G network. This authoritative exploration of the telecommunications industry takes the reader through every crucial stage in EE's journey: from the crafting of the secret merger, to designing a visionary new brand identity and innovating at speed to provide superfast 4G.
Change initiatives are notoriously difficult to navigate and very rarely are considered to be a success. However, transformation is omnipresent and inherent to business success in today's fast-moving climate. This book charts the ups and downs of change and pulls out insightful key principles for navigating the storm of transformation in any industry. Successful business revolution requires inspirational leadership, a motivating purpose for your people, a keen sense of brand identity, a culture of innovation, a willingness to break the status quo and a truly collaborative team.

This is an inside look into the practices of one of today's most inspirational leaders and is essential reading for any executive grappling with change.
Autor: Olaf Swantee, Stuart Jackson
Olaf Swantee, Stuart Jackson

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Autor: Olaf Swantee
ISBN-13:: 9780749479398
ISBN: 0749479396
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Seiten: 264
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