Autor: Matthew Fuller
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Strategic Tendering for Professional Services

Win More, Lose Less
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Supports improvement on an individual and business-wide level, with guidance that is scalable to all types and sizes of firm
Chapter - 01: Introduction - Why use the Proposals Book?; Chapter - 02: To pitch or not to pitch?; Chapter - 03: What does the client want?; Chapter - 04: Planning to win; Chapter - 05: The procurement predicament; Chapter - 06: Smart pricing; Chapter - 07: Writing to win; Chapter - 08: Presenting to win; Chapter - 09: Following up and post pitch feedback; Chapter - 10: Tools and technology; Chapter - 11: There has to be a better way; Chapter - 12: Appendix: How to manage a billion dollar pitch;
Competitive bidding for work is a long-established aspect of business within the professional services and consulting sector. For many markets, pitching has become a critical element of both attracting and retaining business. Combating clients' demands and intense competition, firms that want to win and retain business need business development and marketing teams that are experts in creating compelling proposals. Strategic Tendering for Professional Services offers a masterclass in improving your pitching skills and processes.
Drawing on insights from current pitch and proposal professionals and client-side procurement teams, Strategic Tendering for Professional Services provides end-to-end best practice guidance. From the crucial decision of which request-for-proposals (RFPs) to respond to, right through to the all-important face-to-face presentation and post-pitch follow-up, this practical handbook leads readers through all stages of the process on best practice and strategies for success.

Packed with practical features to help readers put guidance into practice, Strategic Tendering for Professional Services also supports business-wide improvement with a clear analysis of the processes and systems available to support pitch assembly and reporting. Whether you are a bid and proposal professional looking for extra tools, a business development or marketing manager providing support and expertise to partners, or a professional wanting to improve pitching skills, this book will be key to winning opportunities that will set the firm apart.
Autor: Matthew Fuller, Tim Nightingale
Matthew Fuller, Tim Nightingale

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Autor: Matthew Fuller
ISBN-13:: 9780749478513
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