Autor: Michael Armstrong
ISBN-13: 9780749478117
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Armstrong on Reinventing Performance Management

Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement
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Empowers line managers to own the performance management process rather than HR, ensuring that the process is effectively cascaded across the business
Chapter - 1: Performance management - the concept; Chapter - 2: Performance management - the reality; Chapter - 3: Effective performance management; Chapter - 4: What's happening to performance management?; Chapter - 5: Reinventing performance management: the issues; Chapter - 6: Improve objective setting; Chapter - 7: Replace the annual performance review; Chapter - 8: Abolish rating; Chapter - 9: Enhance personal development; Chapter - 10: Provide training; Chapter - 11: The reinvention programme; Chapter - 12: Conclusions;
Armstrong on Reinventing Performance Management presents a holistic approach to performance management, drawing on Michael Armstrong's vast research and experience. Most organizations have performance management processes in one form or another, but these are often based on formal annual reviews, forced rankings and directly linked to pay decisions. These traditional approaches are often at the expense of ongoing, continuous feedback and focus on looking back at what has or has not been achieved rather than looking forward. Direct links to pay decisions avert attention from people development, and managers often get lost in the bureaucracy of complex forms rather than fully engaging with their people.
Armstrong on Reinventing Performance Management details how to build a culture of ongoing feedback and coaching and provides case studies of how this approach to building performance has been effective in organizations including Deloitte, Gap, Expedia and Google. Filled with practical advice, including how to deal with underperformers, it enables organizations to remove overly bureaucratic and ineffective systems based on top-down judgments and ratings, and demonstrates how to get line managers' support for the process focusing on actionable feedback and growth.
Autor: Michael Armstrong
Michael Armstrong

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Autor: Michael Armstrong
ISBN-13:: 9780749478117
ISBN: 074947811X
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