Autor: Lee Wilson
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Tactical SEO

The Theory and Practice of Search Marketing
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Supported by online resources, including free SEO tools, additional reading, SEO-themed activity sheets, and slides
Chapter - 01: Re-Evaluating SEO; Chapter - 02: Understanding Google; Chapter - 03: The Restraints of Process-Driven SEO and the Value of Opportunity; Chapter - 04: Supporting Longevity With Search Ripples; Chapter - 05: Thinking About SEO in Terms of Value Rather Than ROI; Chapter - 06: Creating a Value Checklist for SEO; Chapter - 07: Building SEO Expertise In-House Vs Outsourcing; Chapter - 08: Evaluating Success in Search Marketing; Chapter - 09: Planning for the Future
Tactical SEO is a practical guide to understanding the opportunities, challenges and overlooked potential that SEO can bring to any webpage or website. It challenges the plethora of technical, process driven and time sensitive best practice SEO guides, and gives readers insights into the big picture value that can be derived from understanding the underlying principles of SEO. Clear and inclusive in tone, Tactical SEO offers proven tactics to follow that are built around the core principles of optimization, and that therefore stay consistent in spite of continually evolving digital technologies.
Including many real world case studies and examples, Tactical SEO gives readers a framework to cultivating their own SEO capabilities. This framework can be applied in any online business, regardless of industry or online niche, to enhance discoverability and profitability. Exploring core concepts such as the Google ethos, ripple creation and mobile marketing, Tactical SEO is the number one go-to resource to help marketing professionals and students become experts in this essential field.
Autor: Lee Wilson
Lee Wilson

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Autor: Lee Wilson
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