Autor: Clare D'Souza
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Readings and Cases in Sustainable Marketing: A Strategic Approach to Social Responsibility

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Chapter 1 - Understanding Sustainability Theory, Cases, Research; Chapter 2 - Products Theory, Cases, Research; Chapter 3 - Pricing Theory, Cases, Research; Chapter 4 - Marketing Communications Theory, Cases, Research; Chapter 5 - Distribution Theory, Cases, Research; Chapter 6 - Sustainable Marketing Systems Theory, Cases, Research; Chapter 7 - Stakeholder Influence Theory, Cases, Research; Chapter 8 - Future Trends Theory, Cases, Research.
Sustainable Marketing is a managerially oriented course that addresses the theoretical and practical environmental challenges with three primary objectives such as: providing insights to the different ecological environments in which sustainable marketing strategies and programs are formulated and implemented; examining social responsibility marketing philosophies and practices, policies, procedures and actions intended to enhance stakeholders, societal welfare, quality of life and social justice; and, enabling students to demonstrate effective researching and organisational skills within sustainability for marketing practice area.
Editiert von: Clare D'Souza, Michael Polonsky, Mehdi Taghian
Michael Polonsky, BS Towson, MA Rutgers, MA (Economics) Temple, PhD ACU, is Professor of Marketing at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. Michael received the Society for Marketing Advances 'Distinguished Marketing Scholar Award' for 2010 for his many contributions on green marketing and best marketing practices for a global world. Clare D'Souza, Dip. Tourism Mgt, B.Com, LLB, MBA, M.Com, PhD (Economics), is Senior Lecturer in the School of Management at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. Mehdi Taghian, BA (Econ) American UGradDip, MBus Monash, PhD Deakin, is Senior Lecturer in the Deakin Graduate School of Business at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia.

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Autor: Clare D’Souza
ISBN-13:: 9780734610850
ISBN: 0734610858
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Seiten: 384
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