Autor: Brad Miser
ISBN-13: 9780672335709
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Format: 209x139x17 mm
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Sams Teach Yourself Mac OS X Lion in 10 Minutes

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Introduction 1 1 Getting Started with Mac OS X Lion 5 Touring the Lion Desktop...5 Starting Up and Logging In ...5 Pointing, Clicking, Dragging, and Scrolling ...9 Understanding Windows ...12 Understanding Applications, Files, and Folders ...15 Working with Disks, Discs, Volumes, and Other Devices ...16 Using Menus ...17 Sleeping...18 Logging Out ...18 Shutting Down ...19 2 Working on the Lion Desktop 21 Navigating the Desktop ...21 Working with Finder Windows...23 Using the Dock ...31 Searching with Spotlight ...39 3 Installing, Using, and Managing Applications 41 Using the App Store to Install and Update Applications ...41 Installing and Updating Applications from the Desktop ...48 Launching, Quitting, and Managing Applications ...50 Working with Documents ...55 4 Touring Lion's Applications 61 Understanding Mac OS Lion's Applications ...61 Previewing Documents with Preview ...62 Storing Contact Info with the Address Book ...63 Enjoying DVD Content with DVD Player ...65 Communicating with FaceTime ...65 Managing Your Time with iCal ...66 Playing Digital Music and Video with iTunes ...67 Managing Email with Mail ...68 Surfing the Web with Safari ...69 Being Creative with the iLife Suite ...70 5 Personalizing Lion 73 Setting Finder Preferences ...73 Working with the System Preferences Application ...76 Organizing the Launchpad ...88 Configuring Mission Control ...89 Configuring the Dashboard ...94 6 Connecting Your Macto the Internet and a Local Network 97 Connecting Your Mac to the Internet ...97 Working on a Local Network ...109 7 Installing and Using Printers 117 Understanding Printing Options ...117 Installing and Configuring a Printer Connected to a Mac ...119 Installing and Configuring a Network Printer ...121 Printing ...124 Printing to PDF ...126 8 Working with Mice, Keyboards, and Trackpads 131 Understanding Input Devices ...131 Working with Mice...132 Working with Keyboards...138 Working with a Trackpad ...141 9 Configuring and Managing User Accounts 145 Understanding User Accounts ...145 Creating User Accounts ...147 Applying Parental Controls to User Accounts...154 Opening Documents and Applications Automatically at Login ..159 Configuring the Login Process ...160 Working with Fast User Switching ...161 Changing User Accounts ...163 Deleting User Accounts ...163 10 Securing and Protecting Your Mac 165 Understanding Threats to Your Mac ...165 Updating Your Software ...165 Protecting Your Mac from Internet Attacks ...168 Protecting Your Data with Encryption ...177 Backing Up Your Data with Time Machine ...180 11 Troubleshooting and Solving Problems 187 Solving Problems ...187 Performing General Troubleshooting Steps ...188 Repairing Drives with Disk Utility ...195 Recovering Data from a Time Machine Backup ...198 Reinstalling Mac OS X Lion ...201 Getting Help with Problems ...202 12 Running Windows on Your Mac 207 Understanding Options to Run Windows on a Mac ...207 Installing and Using Boot Camp to Run Windows ...209 Installing and Using a Virtual Environment to Run Windows ...215 TOC, 9780672335709, 7/19/2011
Sams Teach Yourself SamsTitle in 10 Minutes offers straightforward, practical answers for fast results. By working through the 10-minute lessons, you will learn everything you need to know to quickly and easily get up to speed on the latest version of Mac OS X. Step-by-step instructions walk you through the most common questions, issues, and tasks... "Did You Know?" tips offer insider advice and shortcuts... "Watch Out!" alerts help you avoid problems. Whether you're a beginner or experienced user, Sams Teach Yourself SamsTitle in 10 Minutes will provide you with fast at-a-glance tips, pointing out helpful shortcuts and solutions, cautions to help you avoid common Mac OS X pitfalls, and is written in a clear easy to understand format.
Autor: Brad Miser
Brad Miser has written extensively about technology, with his favorite topics being Apple's amazing Macintosh computers, iPods, and iPhones. Books Brad has written include: Sams Teach Yourself iTunes 10 in 10 Minutes; My iPod touch, Second Edition; My iPhone, Fourth Edition; Easy iLife '09; Special Edition Using Mac OS X Leopard; Absolute Beginner's Guide to Homeschooling; Teach Yourself Visually MacBook, Third Edition; and MacBook Pro Portable Genius, Third Edition. He has also been an author, development editor, or technical editor on more than 50 other titles. Brad is or has been a sales support specialist, the director of product and customer services, and the manager of education and support services for several software development companies. Previously, he was the lead proposal specialist for an aircraft engine manufacturer, a development editor for a computer book publisher, and a civilian aviation test officer/engineer for the U.S. Army. Brad holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo and has received advanced education in maintainability engineering, business, and other topics. Originally from California, Brad now lives in Brownsburg, Indiana, with his wife Amy; their three daughters, Jill, Emily, and Grace; a rabbit; and a sometimes-inside cat.

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Autor: Brad Miser
ISBN-13:: 9780672335709
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