Practitioner’s Guide to Evidence-Based Psychotherapy
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Practitioner’s Guide to Evidence-Based Psychotherapy

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Jane E. Fisher
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This book is to help clinical psychologists, clinical social workers, psychiatrists and counselors achieve the maximum in service to their clients.
This book is to help clinical psychologists, clinical social workers, psychiatrists and counselors achieve the maximum in service to their clients.
Introduction: Clinician's Handbook of Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines: The Role of Practice Guidelines in Systematic Quality Improvement.- Agoraphobia.- Amnestic Disorder.- Anorexia Nervosa.- Antisocial Personality Disorder.- Asperger's Disorder.- Assertiveness Training.- Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).- Autistic Disorder.- Avoidant Personality Disorder.- Bereavement.- Bipolar Disorder.- Body Dysmorphic Disorder.- Borderline Personality Disorder.- Bulimia Nervosa.- Child Physical Abuse.- Child Sexual Abuse.- Psychotherapy with Chronic Pain Patients.- Delirium.- Delusions.- Dementia.- Dependent Personality Disorder.- Depression.- Dissociation and Dissociative Identity Disorder: Treatment Guidelines and Cautions.- Scientific Evidence for Domestic Violence Treatment.- Dysthymic Disorder.- Encopresis.- Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction.- Pathological Gambling.- Generalized Anxiety Disorder.- Hypochondriasis.- Insomnia.- Intermittent Explosive Disorder.- Irritable Bowel Syndrome.- Kleptomania.- Learning Disorders.- Low Sexual Desire.- Malingering.- Marital Problems.- Mental Retardation.- Nail Biting.- Narcissistic Personality Disorder.- Nocturnal Enuresis: Evidenced-Based Perspectives in Etiology, Assessment and Treatment.- Nonadherence to Treatment.- Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.- Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Parent Training.- Orgasmic Disorders.- Other Paraphilias.- Panic Disorder.- Paranoia.- Pediatric Feeding Disorders.- Practice Guidelines: Pediatric Sleep Disturbance.- Pedophilia.- Pica.- Premenstrual Syndromes: Guidelines for Assessment and Treatment.- Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.- Recurrent Headache Disorders.- Schizophrenia.- Schizotypal Personality Disorder.- School Refusal.- Self-Injurious Behavior.- Separation Anxiety Disorder.- Sexual Pain Disorders.- Specific Phobias.- Sleep Terrors.- Smoking (Nicotine Dependence).- Social Anxiety Disorder.- Stress.- Stuttering.- Substance Use Disorders.- Suicidal and Self-Destructive Behavior.- Oral-Digital Habits of Childhood: Thumb Sucking.- Tic Disorders.- Weight Loss.

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