Exploring the Vertebrate Central Cholinergic Nervous System
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Exploring the Vertebrate Central Cholinergic Nervous System

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Alexander G. Karczmar
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Even if the "weapons of mass destruction" (WMD) and, among them, stocks of organoph- phorus (OP) agents (also referred to as war gases and nerve gases) were not found in Iraq following the US-Iraq war, the relative ease with which these substances can be made from harmless precursors and the low cost of their manufacture will continue to fascinate pow- hungry, ruthless dictators, as well as multinational and international terrorists, particularly as the close relationship between the OP agents and useful insecticides makes it easy to disguise the importation and purchase of small amounts of the precursors. Indeed, the use by Saddam Hussein of a nerve gas against the Kurds and his possible employment of the OP agents during his war with Iran, and the Sarin attack in the Tokyo underground by an extremist religious set magnetized the world with respect to the OP drugs. As these drugs exert their toxicity via their cholinergic action on the nervous, particularly central nervous, system, it is no wonder that the research in the cholinergic ? eld attracts, and merits, our intense attention. These considerations underlie the signi? cance of this book, as Alex Karczmar devotes an entire chapter of Exploring the Vertebrate Central Cholinergic Nervous System to anticholinest- ases (antiChEs), and as he is an acknowledged expert in the ? eld of cholinergic toxicity as well as a consultant to the Surgeon General of the U. S. Army.
Provides complete, historically-based coverage of the central cholinergic system
Introduction:History and Scope of This Book.- Cholinergic Cells and Pathways.- Metabolism of Acetylcholine: Synthesis and Turnover.- History of Research on Nicotinic and Muscarinic Cholinergic Receptors.- Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptors in the Central Nervous System: Structure, Function, and Pharmacology.- Neuronal Nicotinic Receptors: History, Structure, and Functional Roles.- Anticholinesterases and War Gases.- Cholinergic Aspects of Growth and Development.- Central Cholinergic Nervous System and Its Correlates.- Links Between Amyloid and Tau Biology in Alzheimer's Disease and Their Cholinergic Aspects.- Envoi.

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