Wireless Networks: Multiuser Detection in Cross-Layer Design
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Wireless Networks: Multiuser Detection in Cross-Layer Design

Multiuser Detection in Cross-layer Design
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Christina Comaniciu
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Information Technology: Transmission, Processing and Storage

Cross-layer design seeks to enhance the capacity of wireless networks significantly through the joint optimization of multiple layers in the network, primarily the physical (PHY) and medium access control (MAC) layers. Although there are advantages of such design in wireline networks as well, this approach is particularly advantageous for wireless networks due to the properties (such as mobility and interference) that strongly affect performance and design of higher layer protocols.
This monograph is a peerless introduction to cross-layer design in wireless networks, detailing the field's development and state-of-the-art results. It discusses topics such as multiuser detection, integrated radio resource allocation, and integrated admission control. Its concise style, along with numerous illustrations, makes it an excellent reference for engineers, researchers and students working in communication networks.
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1: Multiuser Detection For Wireless Networks
1. Future Generation Wireless Networks
1.1 Third Generation (3G) Cellular Networks
1.2 Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
1.3 Network Costs for Data Transmission
1.4 Wireless Networks for Unlicensed Bands: WiFi, WiMax, HomeRF, Bluetooth and Infostations
1.5 Ad Hoc Networks
1.6 Cross-Layer Design
2. Introduction to Multiuser Receivers: Pros and Cons
2.1 Performance of Matched Filter Receivers
2.2 Multiuser Detectors
2.3 Performance of Blind Receivers
3. Multiuser Detection for Next Generation Wireless Networks
4. Multi-Rate Multiuser Detection
5. Information Theoretic Aspects: Spectral Efficiency
6. Multiuser Detection in Cross-Layer Design: Introductory Remarks and Book Outline

2: Integrated Radio Resource Allocation
1. Introduction to Radio Resource Allocation
2. Power Control
3. Integrated Power Control and Multiuser Detection
4. Access Control, Power Control and Multiuser Detection
5. Traffic-Aided Multiuser Detection
6. Medium Access Control for Multipacket Reception Networks
7. Routing and Multiuser Detection in Ad Hoc Networks
8. Admission Control: General Framework

3: Asymptotic Capacity For Wireless Networks
With Multiuser Receivers
1. Effective Bandwidths and Capacity for Linear Receivers
in Cellular Networks
1.1 General Formulation for Synchronous Networks
1.2 Partial Hybrid Networks
1.3 Optimal Signature Sequences
1.4 Multipath Fading Channels
1.5 Multi-Rate Networks
1.6 Asynchronous Networks
1.7 Imperfect Power Control
1.8 Blind and Group-Blind Multiuser Receivers
2. Ad Hoc Networks
2.1 Asymptotic Capacity
2.2 Capacity for Finite Networks: Simulations
2.3 Implications for Admission Control

4: Integrated Admission Control
1. Cellular Wireless Networks
2. Ad Hoc Networks

5: Multiuser Detection In Cross-Layer Design: Perspectives
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