Functions of a-Bounded Type in the Half-Plane
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Functions of a-Bounded Type in the Half-Plane

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A. M. Jerbashian
487 g
245x167x20 mm

This book is related to the theory of functions of a-bounded type in the ha- plane of the complex plane. I constructed this theory by application of the Li- ville integro-differentiation. To some extent, it is similar to M.M.Djrbashian's factorization theory of the classes Na of functions of a-bounded type in the disc, as much as the well known results on different classes and spaces of regular functions in the half-plane are similar to those in the disc. Besides, the book contains improvements of several results such as the Phragmen-Lindelof Principle and Nevanlinna Factorization in the Half-Plane and offers a new, equivalent definition of the classical Hardy spaces in the half-plane. The last chapter of the book presents author's united work with G.M. Gubreev (Odessa). It gives an application of both a-theories in the disc and in the half-plane in the spectral theory of linear operators. This is a solution of a problem repeatedly stated by M.G.Krein and being of special interest for a long time. The book is proposed for a wide range of readers. Some of its parts are comprehensible for graduate students, while the book in the whole is intended for young researchers and qualified specialists in the field.
Suitable for a wide range of readers, which is uncommon in Math books
The Liouville Operator and Herglotz-Riesz Type Theorems.- Blaschke Type Products.- Equilibrium Relations and Factorizations.- Meromorphic Functions with Summable Tsuji Characteristics.- Boundary Values.- Uniform Approximations.- Subharmonic Functions with Nonnegative Harmonic Majorants.- Weighted Classes of Subharmonic Functions.- Functions of ?-Bounded Type in Spectral Theory of Non-Weak Contractions.

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