Supply Chain Optimisation
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Supply Chain Optimisation

Product/Process Design, Facility Location and Flow Control
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Alexandre Dolgui
620 g
243x167x25 mm
94, Applied Optimization

This volume collects recent results in supply chain optimisation. It presents new approaches and methods based on operations research, artificial intelligence and advanced computing techniques for design of production systems, supply and inventory management, production planning and scheduling, location, transportation and logistics, and simulation in supply flow optimisation. The text presents a wide spectrum of optimisation problems taking into account supply chain paradigms, which are pivotal to improving productivity.
The main idea of this book is that now it is necessary to consider all the stages of product life cycle in an integrated optimisation approach, from the product/process design to the customer delivering
Modelling Techniques.- An Initiative for International Consensus on Enterprise Inter- and Intra-Organisational Integration.- Towards Knowledge Logistics in Agile SME Networks.- A Modelling Framework for Human Resource-Based Business Processes.- Managing Service-Sensitive Demand Through Simulation.- Robust Modeling of Consumer Behaviour.- Sizing, Cycle Time and Plant Control Using Dioid Algebra.- Concurrent Processes Flow Prototyping.- Modelling of the Supply Chain for a Distributed Publishing Enterprise.- Optimisation Methods.- Hybrid Methods for Line Balancing Problems.- Stability of Optimal Line Balance with Given Station Set.- Simple Plant Location Problem with Reverse Flows.- Concave Cost Supply Management for Single Manufacturing Unit.- Product Family and Supply Chain Design.- Sales and Operations Planning Optimisation.- Response Surface-Based Simulation Metamodelling Methods.- Decision Aid Tools.- A Modeling and Simulation Framework for Supply Chain Design.- Internet Web-Based Integration of Process and Manufacturing Resources Planning.- Visual Representation of Material Flows in Chemical Plant Systems.- Identification-Based Condition Monitoring of Technical Systems.- Simulation of Distributed Industrial Systems.

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