Applications of Supply Chain Management and E-Commerce Research

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J. Geunes
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92, Applied Optimization

In February 2002, the Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) De partment at the University of Florida hosted a National Science Founda tion Workshop on Collaboration and Negotiation in Supply Chain Man agement and E Commerce. This workshop focused on characterizing the challenges facing leading edge firms in supply chain management and electronic commerce, and identifying research opportunities for de veloping new technological and decision support capabilities sought by industry. The audience included practitioners in the areas of supply chain management and E Commerce, as well as academic researchers working in these areas. The workshop provided a unique setting that has facilitated ongoing dialog between academic researchers and industry practitioners. This book codifies many of the important themes and issues around which the workshop discussions centered. The editors of this book, all faculty members in the ISE Department at the University of Florida, also served as the workshop's coordinators. In addition to workshop participants, we also invited contributions from leading academics and practitioners who were not able to attend. As a result, the chapters herein represent a collection of research contributions, monographs, and case studies from a variety of disciplines and viewpoints. On the aca demic side alone, chapter authors include faculty members in supply chain and operations management, marketing, industrial engineering, economics, computer science, civil and environmental engineering, and building construction departments.
Contains a variety of perspectives from researchers and practitioners in disciplines beyond a pure operations management or operations research focus
Supply Chain Operations.- Coordination of Inventory and Shipment Consolidation Decisions: A Review of Premises, Models, and Justification.- A Near-Optimal Order-Based Inventory Allocation Rule in an Assemble-To-Order System and its Applications to Resource Allocation Problems.- Improving Supply Chain Performance through Buyer Collaboration.- The Impact of New Supply Chain Management Practices on the Decision Tools Required by the Trucking Industry.- Managing the Supply-Side Risks in Supply Chains: Taxonomies, Processes, and Examples of Decision-Making Modeling.- Demand Propagation in ERP Integrated Assembly Supply Chains: Theoretical Models and Empirical Results.- Electronic Commerce and Markets.- Bridging the Trust Gap in Electronic Markets: A Strategic Framework for Empirical Study.- Strategies and Challenges of Internet Grocery Retailing Logistics.- Enabling Supply-Chain Coordination: Leveraging Legacy Sources for Rich Decision Support.- Collaboration Technologies for Supporting E-Supply Chain Management.- From Research to Practice.- The State of Practice in Supply-Chain Management: A Research Perspective.- Myths and Reality of Supply Chain Management: Implications for Industry-University Relationships.- Supply Chain Management: Interlinking Multiple Research Streams.- PROFIT: Decision Technology for Supply Chain Management at IBM Microelectronics Division.- Case Studies: Supply Chain Optimization Models in a Chemical Company.

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