Web Services in the Enterprise
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Web Services in the Enterprise

Concepts, Standards, Solutions, and Management
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Enterprise IT infrastructure is getting increasingly complex. With the increase in complexity has arisen the need to manage it. Management in general can be seen as the process of assuring that a managed entity meets its expectations in a controlled and predictable manner. Examples of managed entities are not only components, entire systems, processes, but also people such as employees, developers, or operators, and entire organizations. Traditional management has addressed some of these issues in varied manner. The emergence of Web services has added a new complexity to the management problem and poses a new set of problems. But it also adds to the mix a set of technologies that will make the task of management simpler. Management of Web services will be critical as businesses come to rely on them as a substantial source of their revenue. The book tries to cover the broad area of web services, the concepts, implications for the enterprise, issues involved in their management and how they are being used for management themselves. The book is intended as a reference for current practice and future directions for web services and their management. The book is directed at: . Computing professionals, academicians and students to learn about the important concepts behind the web services paradigm and how it impacts the enterprise in general and how it affects traditional application, network and system management.
This professional reference provides a comprehensive guide for software architects, academics, developers and IT managers on the implications of web services and their relation to traditional application, system and network management. The text is organized in parts, each covering one aspect of web services:
Part I. Web Services and Management.- Introduction.- Overview of Web Services.- Application Management and Web Services.- Enterprise Management and Web Services.- Part II. Perspectives on Web Services Management.- Managing Web Services From an E-Business Perspective.- Managing Applications and IT Infrastructure of Web Services.- Part III. The Practice of Web Services Management.- Instrumentation of Web Services. Managing Composite Web Services.- Management Using Web Services.- Appendix. Web Services Management Products and Solutions.- References.- Figures.- Index.

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