Snapshots of Hemodynamics

An aid for clinical research and graduate education
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Mark I. M. Noble
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Hemodynamics makes it possible to characterize in a quantitative way, the function of the heart and arterial system, thereby producing information about what genetic and molecular processes are of importance for cardiovascular function.Snapshots of Hemodynamics: An Aid for Clinical Research and Graduate Education by Nico Westerhof, Nikos Stergiopulos and Mark I. M. Noble is a quick reference guide designed to help basic and clinical researchers as well as graduate students to understand hemodynamics. The layout of the book provides short and independent chapters that provide teaching diagrams as well as clear descriptions of the essentials of basic and applied principles of hemodynamics. References are provided at the end of each chapter for further reading and reference.
Quick reference guide
Preface Acknowledgement
Part A: Basics Of Hemodynamics
1. Viscosity
2. Law Of Poiseuille
3. Bernoulli's Equation
4. Turbulence
5. Arterial Stenosis
6. Resistance
7. Inertance
8. Oscillatory Flow Theory
9. Law Of LaPlace
10. Elasticity
11. Compliance

Part B: Cardiac Hemodynamics
12. Cardiac Muscle Mechanics
13. Pressure-Volume Relation
14. Pump Function Graph
15. Work, Energy And Power
16. Oxygen Consumption and Hemodynamics
17. Power And Efficiency
18. Coronary Circulation
19. Assessing Ventricular Function

Part C: Arterial Hemodynamics
20. Wave Travel And Velocity
21. Wave Travel And Reflection
22. Waveform Analysis
23. Arterial Input Impedance
24. Arterial Windkessel
25. Distributed Models
26. Transfer Of Pressure
27. Vascular Remodeling
28. Blood Flow And Arterial Disease

Part D: Integration
29. Determinants Of Pressure and Flow
30. Comparative Physiology

Part E: Appendices
Appendix 1. Times and Sines: Fourier Analysis
Appendix 2. Basic Hemodynamic Elements
Appendix 3. Vessel Segment
Appendix 4. Basic Aspects
Appendix 5. Books For Reference
Appendix 6. Symbols
Appendix 7. Units And Conversion Factors

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