Industrial Robots Programming

Building Applications for the Factories of the Future
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J. Norberto Pires
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243x165x24 mm

Industrial Robots Programming focuses on designing and building robotic manufacturing cells, and explores the capabilities of today's industrial equipment as well as the latest computer and software technologies. Special attention is given to the input devices and systems that create efficient human-machine interfaces, and how they help non-technical personnel perform necessary programming, control, and supervision tasks.
The main objective of this book is to build a source of detailed information about all aspects related to building industrial manufacturing systems. These systems use industrial robots, as a general tool, since robots are flexible equipment by nature, but also other types of automatic equipment: PLC's, AGV's, electro-pneumatic and hydraulic equipment, industrial PC's, several types of software packages, etc. Gathering all these parts when building an industrial manufacturing cell is a challenging task, tricky to handles, and requires very specific knowledge. This book uses the robot-programming case to introduce this world, focusing the reader's attention on building applications using industrial robots and interfacing them with other industrial automation equipment. In the process, the majority of the related aspects (industrial automation, integration, sensor fusion, supervision and monitoring software, etc) are pulled into a unified overview.
to the Industrial Robotics World.- Robot Manipulators and Control Systems.- Software Interfaces.- Interface Devices and Systems.- Industrial Manufacturing Systems.- Final Notes.

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