Autor: Paul Arblaster
ISBN-13: 9780230293106
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A History of the Low Countries

Palgrave Essential Histories Series
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A concise and highly readable overview of the social, economic, cultural and political history of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, revised in the light of recent events and scholarship
Preface to the Second Edition.- Preface to the First Edition.- Maps.- Introduction.- From Pagans to Crusaders, 57BC to AD1100.- Patterns of Power and Piety, 1100-1384.- The Low Countries United and Divided, 1384-1609.- From Delftware to Porcelain, 1609-1780.- The Rise and Fall of the Liberal Order, 1776-1914.- World Wars and World Peace, 1914-2011.- Chronology of Major Events.- List of Dynasties and Rulers.- List of Political Parties and Governments since 1918.- Selected Further Reading.- Index.
An indispensable introductory textbook that provides students with a concise overview of the whole sweep of the history of the Low Countries, from Roman frontier provinces through to the establishment of the three constitutional monarchies of the present day. This is an ideal core text for dedicated modules on History of the Low Countries, History of Luxembourg, Dutch History or Belgian History, or a supplementary text for broader modules on European History, which may be offered at all levels of an undergraduate History or European Studies degree. In addition it is a crucial resource for students who may be studying the history of the Benelux region for the first time as part of a taught postgraduate degree in European History, European Studies or Dutch Studies.
Autor: Paul Arblaster
Paul Arblaster

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Autor: Paul Arblaster
ISBN-13:: 9780230293106
ISBN: 0230293107
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