Autor: Patrick Brezonik
ISBN-13: 9780199730728
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Water Chemistry

An Introduction to the Chemistry of Natural and Engineered Aquatic Systems
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Part I. Prologue; 1: Introductory matters; 2: Inorganic chemical composition of natural waters: elements of aqueous geochemistry; Part II. Theory, Fundamentals and Important Tools; 3: The thermodynamic basis for equilibrium chemistry; 4: Activity-concentration relationships; 5: Chemical kinetics; 6: Fundamentals of organic chemistry for environmental systems; 7: Solving ionic equilibria problems; Part III. Inorganic Chemical Equilibria and Kinetics; 8: Acid-base systems in natural waters; 9: Complexation reactions and metal ion speciation; 10: Solubility: reactions of solid phases with water; 11: Redox equilibria and kinetics; Part IV. Chemistry of Natural Waters and Engineered Systems; 12: Dissolved oxygen; 13: Chemistry of chlorine and other disinfectants; 14: Surface chemistry and sorption processes; 15: Aqueous geochemistry II: minor metals (Al, Fe, Mn), silica, minerals and weathering; 16: Nutrient cycles and chemistry: nitrogen and phosphorus; 17: Fundamentals of photochemistry and some applications in aquatic systems; 18: Natural organic matter and aquatic humic substances; 19: Chemical behavior of organic pollutants
This book provides students with the tools necessary to understand the processes that control the chemical species present in waters of both natural and engineered systems.
Autor: Patrick Brezonik
William A. Arnold is Associate Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Minnesota. His research interests are in the areas of transformation, transport, and remediation of anthropogenic chemicals in the environment, including surface-mediated oxidation/reduction reaction, photochemistry, and partitioning.

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Autor: Patrick Brezonik
ISBN-13:: 9780199730728
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