Autor: Peter Adamson
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Classical Philosophy

A history of philosophy without any gaps, Volume 1
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In 43 lively chapters Peter Adamson tells the story of philosophy from its beginnings to Plato and Aristotle. Most histories jump from one famous name to another, but Adamson shows that the people and ideas in between, usually overlooked, are fascinating and significant. Based on his popular podcasts, this is serious history with a light touch.
Preface; Early Greek Philosophy; 1 Everything is Full of Gods: Thales; 2 Infinity and Beyond: Anaximander and Anaximines; 3 Created in Our Image: Xenophanes; 4 The Man with the Golden Thigh: Pythagoras; 5 Old Man River: Heraclitus; 6 The Road Less Traveled: Parmenides; 7 You Can't Get There From Here: the Eleatics; 8 The Final Cut: The Atomists; 9 Mind over mixture: Anaxagoras; 10 All You Need is Love, and Five Other Things: Empedocles; 11 Good Humor Men: the Hippocratic Corpus; 12 Making the Weaker Argument the Stronger: The Sophists; Socrates and Plato; 13 Socrates Without Plato: The Portrayals of Aristophanes and Xenophon; 14 Method Man: Plato's Socrates; 15 In Dialogue: The Life and Writings of Plato; 16 Know Thyself: Two Unloved Platonic Dialogues; 17 Virtue Meets its Match: Plato's Gorgias; 18 We Don't Need No Education: Plato's Meno; 19 I Know, Because the Caged Bird Sings: Plato's Theaetetus; 20 Famous Last Words: Plato's Phaedo; 21 Soul and the City: Justice in Plato's Republic; 22 Ain't No Sunshine: the Cave Allegory of Plato's Republic; 23 Second Thoughts: Plato's Parmenides and the Forms; 24 Untying the Not: Plato's Sophist; 25 What's in a Name?: Plato's Cratylus; 26 A Likely Story: Plato's Timaeus; 27 Wings of Desire: Plato's Erotic Dialogues; 28 Last Judgments: Plato, Poetry, and Myth; Aristotle; 29 Mr Know it All: Aristotle's Life and Works; 30 The Philosopher's Toolkit: Aristotle's Logical Works; 31 A Principled Stand: Aristotle's Epistemology; 32 Down to Earth: Aristotle on Substance; 33 Form and Function: Aristotle's Four Causes; 34 Let's Get Physical: Aristotle's Natural Philosophy; 35 Soul Power: Aristotle's De Anima; 36 Classified Information: Aristotle's Biology; 37 The Goldilocks Theory: Aristotle's Ethics; 38 The Second Self: Aristotle on Pleasure and Friendship; 39 God Only Knows: Aristotle on Mind and God; 40 Constitutional Conventions: Aristotle's Political Philosophy; 41 Stage Directions: Aristotle's Rhetoric and Poetics; 42 Anything You Can Do: Women and Ancient Philosophy; 43 The Next Generation: The Followers of Plato and Aristotle; Guide to Further Reading
An entertaining history of philosophy looking in detail at the emergence of philosophy, including Presocratics, the probing questions of Socrates, the dialogues of Plato and the treatises of Aristotle. Ideal for beginners, as assumes no prior knowledge.
Autor: Peter Adamson
Peter Adamson took his doctorate from the University of Notre Dame and first worked at King's College London. In 2012 he moved to the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen, where he is Professor of Late Ancient and Arabic Philosophy. He has published widely in ancient and medieval philosophy, especially on Neoplatonism and on philosophy in the Islamic world.

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Autor: Peter Adamson
ISBN-13:: 9780199674534
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