Autor: Giles Mandelbrote
ISBN-13: 9780199654819
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The Arcadian Library: Bindings and Provenance

Studies in the Arcadian Library
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Giles Mandelbrote: Introduction; Giles Mandelbrote: Some Earlier British Owners; of Books in the Arcadian Library and their Marks of Ownership and Use; Alastair Hamilton: Princes, Ministers and Scholars: Some non-English Provenances in the Arcadian Library; Anthony Hobson: Three Bindings a la fanfare and the Origins of the Fanfare Style; P.J.M. Marks: Selected European Decorated Bookbindings in the Arcadian Library; John-Paul Ghobrial: The Ottoman World of Abdallah Zakher: The Bindings of the Melkite Monastery at Shuwayr in the Arcadian Library; Nicholas Pickwood: The Structures and Materials of Commercial Bookbindings in the Arcadian Library; Willem de Bruijn: Some Decorative Endpapers in the Arcadian Library
This volume presents six essays by notable scholars examining fine bindings, provenances, historical associations and technical aspects of the holdings of the Arcadian Library, London. With its precise scholarship, detailed information, original research and lavish illustration, it will be a standard work for bibliophiles and book scholars.
Autor: Giles Mandelbrote, Willem Bruijn
Giles Mandelbrote was appointed Librarian and Archivist of Lambeth Palace Library in 2010, after working for some years at the British Library. Among his publications are Out of Print & Into Profit: A History of the Rare and Secondhand Book Trade in Britain in the 20th Century (2006), as well as the second volume (1640-1850) of The Cambridge History of Libraries in Britain and Ireland (2006), edited jointly with K.A. Manley. More recently he contributed to and edited (with Barry Taylor) Libraries within the Library: The Origins of the British Library's Printed Collections (2009). He is an honorary Senior Research Fellow of King's College, London, and one of the convenors of the annual London conference on book trade history. At present his research is mainly concerned with the book trade in early modern Europe and with book ownership and collecting in seventeenth- and early eighteenth-century England. ; Dr John-Paul Ghobrial is a Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge.

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Autor: Giles Mandelbrote
ISBN-13:: 9780199654819
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