Autor: Esther Strauss
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A Compendium of Neuropsychological Tests

Administration, Norms, and Commentary
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Presents critical reviews of major neuropsychological assessment tools. This book provides information concerning theoretical background, norms, reliability, validity, and utility of tests. It includes the chapters: "Psychometrics in Neuropsychological Assessment" and "Norms Selection in Neuropsychological Assessment".
1. Psychometrics in Neuropsychological Assessment ; 2. Norms Selection in Neuropsychological Assessment ; 3. History Taking ; 4. Test Selection, Test Administration, and Preparation of the Patient ; 5. Report Writing and Feedback Sessions ; 6. General Cognitive Functioning, Neuropsychological Batteries, and Assessment of Premorbid Intelligence ; 7. Achievement Tests ; 8. Executive Functions ; 9. Attention ; 10. Memory ; 11. Language Tests ; 12. Tests of Visual Perception ; 13. Tests of Somatosensory Function, Olfactory Funcation, and Body Orientation ; 14. Tests of Motor Function ; 15. Assessment of Mood, Personality and Adaptive Functions ; 16. Assessment of Response Bias and Suboptimal Performance
For the practicing neuropsychologist or researcher, keeping up with the sheer number of newly published or updated tests is a challenge, as is evaluating the utility and psychometric properties of neuropsychological tests in a clinical context. The goal of the third edition of A Compendium ofNeuropsychological Tests, a well-established neuropsychology reference text, is twofold. First, the Compendium is intended to serve as a guidebook that provides a comprehensive overview of the essential aspects of neuropsychological assessment practice.Second, it is intended as a comprehensive sourcebook of critical reviews of major neuropsychological assessment tools for the use by practicing clinicians and researchers. Written in a comprehensive, easy-to-read reference format, and based on exhaustive review of research literature inneuropsychology, neurology, psychology, and related disciplines, the book covers topics such as basic aspects of neuropsychological assessment as well as the theoretical background, norms, and the utility, reliability, and validity of neuropsychological tests.For this third edition, all chapters have been extensively revised and updated. The text has been considerably expanded to provide a comprehensive yet practical overview of the state of the field. Two new chapters have been added: "Psychometrics in Neuropsychological Assessment" and "Norms inPsychological Assessment." The first two chapters present basic psychometric concepts and principles. Chapters three and four consider practical aspects of the history-taking interview and the assessment process itself. Chapter five provides guidelines on report-writing and chapters six throughsixteenconsist of detailed, critical reviews of neuropsychological tests, and address the topics of intelligence, achievement, executive function, attention, memory, language, visual perception, somatosensory olfactory function, mood/personality, and response bias. A unique feature

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Autor: Esther Strauss
ISBN-13:: 9780195159578
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