The Folly of the Cross
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The Folly of the Cross

The Passion of Christ in Theology and the Arts in Early Modernity
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Richard Viladesau
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The Folly of the Cross is the fourth book in Richard Viladesau's series examining the aesthetics and theology of the cross through Christian history. Previous volumes have brought the story up through the Baroque era. This new book examines the reception of the message of the cross from the European Enlightenment to the turn of the twentieth century.
The opening chapters set the stage in the transition from the Baroque to the Classical eras, describing the changing intellectual and cultural paradigms of the time. Viladesau examines the theology of the cross in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and the aesthetic mediation of the cross in music and the visual arts. He shows how in the post-Enlightenment era the aesthetic treatment of the cross widely replaced the dogmatic treatment, and how this thought was translated into popular spirituality, piety, and devotion. The Folly of the Cross shows how classical theology responded to the critiques of modern science, history, Biblical scholarship, and philosophy, and how both classical and modern theology served as the occasions for new forms of representation of Christ's passion in the arts and music.

Chapter 1 -- Introduction
Chapter 2 -- The theological mediation: The doctrine of the cross in 18th and 19th century theology
Chapter 3 -- The aesthetic mediation: The passion in the music of the Classical and Romantic eras
Chapter 4 -- The aesthetic mediation: The cross in the visual arts in early modernity
Chapter 5 -- The aesthetic mediation: The passion in spirituality, piety, and devotion
Chapter 6 -- Epilogue and prospect

Appendix: Discography of the Passion

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