Transforming Urban Transport
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Transforming Urban Transport

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Diane E. Davis
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Transforming Urban Transport brings into focus the origins and implementation pathways of significant urban transport innovations that have recently been adopted in major, democratically governed world cities that are seeking to advance sustainability aims. It documents how proponents of new transportation initiatives confronted a range of administrative, environmental, fiscal, and political obstacles by using a range of leadership skills, technical resources, and negotiation capacities to move a good idea from the drawing board to implementation. The book's eight case studies focus on cities of great interest across the globe--Los Angeles, Mexico City, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Seoul, Stockholm, and Vienna--many of which are known for significant mayor leadership and efforts to rescale power from the nation to the city. The cases highlight innovations likely to be of interest to transport policy makers from all corners, such as strengthening public transportation services, vehicle and traffic management measures, repurposing roads and other urban spaces away from their initial function as vehicle travel corridors, and turning sidewalks and city streets into more pedestrian-friendly places for walking, cycling, and leisure.

Aside from their transformative impacts in transportation terms, many of the policy innovations examined here have altered planning institutions, public-private sector relations, civil society commitments, and governance mandates in the course of implementation. In bringing these cases to the fore, Transforming Urban Transport advances understanding of the conditions under which policy interventions can expand institutional capacities and governance mandates, particularly linked to urban sustainability. As such, it is an essential contribution to larger debates about what it takes to make cities more environmentally sustainable and the types of strategies and tactics that best advance progress on these fronts in both the short- and the long-term.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Alan Altshuler
United States
Chapter 2: Reimagining and Reconfiguring Streets in New York City
David Luberoff
Chapter 3: Coalition Politics and Expansion of the Transit System in Los Angeles
David Luberoff
Chapter 4: Commercial Ride-Sharing: From "Rogue" to Mainstream in San Francisco
Onesimo Flores Dewey, Lisa Rayle
Emerging Democracies
Chapter 5: From Jitneys to Bus Rapid Transit: Negotiating Change in Mexico City
Onesimo Flores Dewey
Chapter 6: Transportation Reform and the Transformation of Central Seoul
Onesimo Flores Dewey
Western Europe
Chapter 7: Congestion Charging in Stockholm
Diane E. Davis, Amy Rader Olsson
Chapter 8: Complementary Strategies to Reduce Car Dependence in Vienna
Ralph Buehler, John Pucher, Alan Altshuler
Chapter 9: From City Streets to Metropolitan Scale in Paris and the Île-de-France Region
Charlotte Halpern, Patrick Le Galès
Chapter 10: Urban Transport and Transformative Change: Reflections on the Relationships
between Processes and Outcomes
Diane E. Davis

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