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A Fountain in France

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More than a decade ago Marita van der Vyver emigrated to France
where she married a Frenchman and settled in the scenic countryside
of Provence. Having become famous for a novel built on fairy tales,
her life resembles that of a princess meeting her Prince Charming.
Several bestsellers, much living and loving, and years later, they
move - to another French village called Place of Frogs.
A Fountain in France is a book of stories about moving the way the
French do it. It is also about place, what binds the heart to a home
and its people, about breaking ties to grow new ones and about what
we take with us when we move on. For Marita, life is an effervescent
fountain, always bubbling up new surprises.
This book will be enjoyed by anyone who has lived or travelled in a
foreign country, or wished they had. It touches on universal
experiences shared by expatriates all over the world. Whether you
are based in Provence or Perth, Bath or Beijing, you quickly learn that
a good sense of humour might be the most important qualification if
you want to survive being the eternal outsider.

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