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Making Champions - How South Africa’s sporting heroes are made

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This is a journey into the histories, hearts and homes of some of South Africa's greatest sporting heroes. Featuring the varied and very human stories of 13 icons of our time, including AB de Villiers, Ryan Sandes, 'Beast' Mtawarira, and Bridgitte Hartley, the book shows that it takes far more than natural talent to transform an athlete into the best that sport has to offer. Making Champions is an answer to the question: what goes into achieving champion status? It tells of the battles these sports stars have lost and won in their desire to set themselves apart from others just as gifted and aspiring for success. In the process, it equips all South Africans aiming to achieve in whatever field with the knowledge of the decisions and sacrifices these athletes have made, and the habits they have adopted on their way to the top.

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