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The Penguin Book Of South African Sports Trivia

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David O'Sullivan and Kevin McCallum are passionate about sport. They are fascinated by its vivid characters, heart-stopping moments and its endless drama. Over years of watching, reading and reporting on great sporting events, they have amassed a wealth of knowledge. After much deliberation, debate and pursuit of famous sports stars for personal anecdotes, they have produced this book: a fascinating collection of trivia and behind-the-scenes stories about South African sport over the years. The Penguin Book of South African Sports Trivia is the perfect companion for sports fanatics or people who just want to show off in front of their sports-mad mates. Do you know: which one-eyed Norwegian captained the South African cricket team; why Percy Montgomery punched Butch James before the Rugby World Cup in 2007; how Thabo Mbeki was responsible for the first loss the West Indian cricket team suffered on their tour of England in June 1966; which kwaito star has a father famous for his exploits in showjumping; how Madonna helped to kick-start Gary Kirsten's international cricket career; what Jomo Sono did during his wedding reception; why Pieter Hendriks' try in the opening match of the 1995 Rugby World Cup should never have been awarded. Find out the answers to these questions and hundreds more to impress your friends with your extraordinary knowledge of South African sport.

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