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The Economics and Politics of China’s Energy Security Transition

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The Economics and Politics of China's Energy Security Transition clarifies China's energy and foreign policies through a comprehensive examination of energy sources, providing an insider's unique perspective for assessing China's energy policies. China's historic decline in coal consumption since 2013-2014 and a plateauing of its carbon dioxide emissions have given China an unprecedented opportunity to decarbonize while growing its economy. In response to global questions about China's institutional, administrative, and political challenges and risks, this book provides the answers that everyone is asking.
1. Will Resources Be Exhausted?-"Infinite¿ Supply of Finite Resources2. "Resource War¿: Will Mankind Fight for Resources?3. Resource Contention: Resource Control or Market Competition?4. Energy Crisis: "Natural Disaster¿ and "Man-Made Calamity¿5. Energy Security: From Energy Independence to Energy Interdependence6. Energy Diplomacy: From "Bilateral Diplomacy¿ to "Global Energy Governance¿7. Energy: The "Achilles' Heel¿ of China?8. Overseas Investment: "Going-Out¿ Not Equal to "Taking-Back¿9. Maritime Transportation Security: "Malacca Dilemma¿ and "Strings of Pearls¿10. "China Energy Threat Theory¿: Strategic Mutual Suspicion and Interaction11. China's Energy Strategy: From "Self-Reliance¿ to "Energy Revolution¿12. Climate Change and Sustainable Development13. International Energy Transformation: Bright Future and Tortuous Road14. "Beautiful China¿: "Chinese Dream¿ of Green Development

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